Teen Problems
Typical Teen Problems that Can Be Succesfully Addressed in Counseling

Does your teen frequently seem sad, depressed, withdrawn or anxious? Proven therapies for anxiety and depression will help.

  • Does your teen struggle with behavioral problems such as temper outbursts, defiance, or bullying? 
  • Was your teen bullied?
  • Does your teen's anxiety get in the way of optimal exam or standardized test scores (i.e. the SATs). Do you notice that your teen's exam scores are not consistent with his or her abilities? Coaching for test anxiety can help!
  • Does your teen have problems making or keeping friendships? I can help your teen have better peer relationships.
  • Has your teen experienced physical, sexual, or verbal abuse?
  • Have you noticed marks, cuts or burns that you suspect or know are self inflicted?
  • Was there a recent death, loss, or change in your family (e.g. divorce or separation) that has caused changes in your teen's mood, interest in activities, school performance?
  • Has your teen developed an illogical fear or phobia? 

Lyn works with teens with behavioral problems, relational difficulties, anxiety/worry, traumatic memories, separation/attachment problems, school difficulties, and many other difficulties..

She has a special interest in text anxiety/ school performance and has helped many teens reduce their anxiety and the self-defeating thinking that comes with this type of anxiety.

She has worked with teens with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder,  panic attacks, grief, phobias, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, behavioral problems, effects of parental divorce, anger, self-esteem problems.

Lyn has extensive training and experience in the use of EMDR with adolescents with a wide range of problems and disorders. EMDR is a specialized way of reprocessing disturbing events and experiences that are creating present difficulties (often unknowingly).  Many times students are misdiagnosed with ADHD that actually have trauma that is interfering with their ability to focus and study.

Since Lyn is a certified family systems therapist, she works with the teens both individually and in the context of the family relationships, and may have other family members involved in some of the therapy sessions when appropriate.