Acceptance and Committment Therapy

 ACT helps people to let go of their struggles
and lead a more productiive life.

  • ACT is the latest cognitive-behavioral therapy and can help you to identify and work with habits of thinking and behaving that prevent you from living your most valued life!
  • With ACT you can learn to control emotions and live a vital, productive, and happy life.
  • The goal of ACT is to create a rich and meaningful life while at the same time accepting the pain that inevitably comes with our lives. 
  •  ACT is about changing your relationship to your thoughts, feelings, and memories and learning to be able to just notice, accept and embrace these. 
  • ACT is less about making anxiety or depression go away and more about getting you untangled from thoughts, feelings, and reactions you have and getting you moving in a direction that is important for you.

 Lyn received her ACT Training from John P. Forsyth PH.D and Georg H.Eifert PH.D who were early adapters of ACT, and train therapists in ACT in workshops worldwide.  They have have conducted research demonstrat-ing the effectiveness of ACT. Together they wrote the workbook The Mind-fulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety.