EMDR for Pain Management


EMDR in the hands of an experienced EMDR psychotherapist is an effective treatment for pain. It is believed to facilitate correction of neurological abnormalities associated with both trauma and chronic pain.

Pain that originates as a result of traumatic experiences imay include,

  • Chronic pain associated with a traumatic event such as accidents, combat duty, assaults, medical trauma from specific procedures, it is often possible to identify a single target image or memory, so the therapy would center around the reprocessing of the target image with the goal of fully reducing the impact of the target memory.
  • Pain that is not associated with a traumatic event so that there does not seem to be a single identifiable cause. In these cases,  EMDR therapy would center around imagery of the pain itself or a particular pain attack, or the experience of the pain,

    In both cases, a careful assessment is made to identify all aspects of the pain target including physical sensations and the imagery and sensory details that the client describes about the pain.The EMDR  work is planned in a highly individuaized way

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