SuccessConnect Non-Diet Approach
For  Overcoming Emotional Overeating



Diets, don't work because overeating
s the symptom and not the cause
of over-eating!

Counting calories/carbs/fat grams or keeping
a food diary don't stay the course either!

Why?...because most overeating is
emotional overeating.


 The SuccessConnect Non-Diet approach was designed by psychotherapist,
Lyn Siegel MSW, MPH, LCSW for reducing emotional overeating using accepted therapy approaches, as well as energy techniques

Over 7 years Lyn has employed several approaches that can be individualized for her clients who struggle with emotional overeting.


Ways to Stop Emotional Overeating

SuccessConnect Approaches
Expected Outcome
EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) Using the  DeTUR  protocol(Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Processing- an adaptation of EMDR), situations, events, or stimuli that bring up the uncomfortable feelings leading to the food urges are desensitized. Next present and future issues related to eating triggers are addressed

As triggers diminish, overeating typically declines.

Typical tirggers are stress, anxiety, loneliness, anger, sadness/depression, hopelessness, boredom, feeling unappreciated.

 ACT (Acceptance and Committment Therapy)

ACT is a mindfulness based behavioral therapy  ACT is about changing your relationship to your thoughts, feelings, memories, and other private events.

The goal of ACT is to create a rich and meaningful life while accepting the difficulties that ineivtably comes with it.

ACT  teaches an effective way to handle barriers, upleasant and unwanted thought, images, feelings, sensations, urges and memories. 

You will be able to better handle unpleasant and unwanted thougths, images, feelings, sensations, urges, and memories that lead to overeating.
 Heartmath (TM)

A scientifically proven breathing and imaging technique that reduces stress by increasing physiological incoherence.

Using computerized technology, Lyn  teaches and monitors your progress with the easy to learn Heartmath technique.

Heartmath is a technique that you  can use  to reduce stress for the rest of your life.

With optimal coherence stress-based,cravings are reduced.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

(EFT) protocols designed especially for you to do outside of sessions. It is a systemized way of tapping along key acupuncture sites.  it can be used for emotional blocks, cravings

Clinical trials have shown effectiveness in treating cravings with EFT, and also achieving weight loss and reducing stress.

Helps to resolve emotional issues/blocks by addressing energy disruptions that trigger overeating.

The emotional factors that contribute to overeating are then typically released along with the energy blocks.
Other approaches that may be used or recommended

Mindfullness (vipisanna, insight) meditation.

Yoga: specifically energy and Kundalini yoga

Increasing mindfulness and energy levels leads to a positive outlook which can impact well-being and weight.